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Where can i buy diflucan over the counter ? How much are the cost of medicines with co-payment for private health insurance in India? Here are some answers to your question, Please take a few moments to answer and then tell us your comments. thanks. Answer 1) In Delhi, there is no direct access to the pharmacy. There is no centralised supply of medicines and have to be prescribed by a health expert. There is no charge for this. There is also no such system in Mumbai buy diflucan online cheap and other cities. Hence, for most people, there is no cost to them. If one needs visit Sildenafil online deutschland a pharmacy, i.e. to buy certain medicine, they have to pay at least 30 paise for dispensing. I assume it would be about 30 paise for a 20 mg dosage. I have to add that for these people it was a case of giving up eating food which they would have been able to do normally without having pay. The pharmacist who dispensed medication also charged the people, which makes a big difference. But, for people who are not in the habit of paying, their life was quite free with no cost to them. Answer 2) The co-payment on medicines in India is the same as in Europe. So, per an average cost across all medicines. They are not subsidised. For some medicines, a co-payment is available from the government. In case of co-payment less than 20 paise, there is just one-sixth of the cost (of medicine). rest is borne by the dispensers, which in India makes up around 50-70 per cent of the total cost medicines. There is a lot of drugstore coupon code canada confusion about the prices such medicines between pharma companies. The price quoted where to buy diflucan pills by pharma company differs from the list price. If you do not know how much it is, you may call the pharmacist who dispensed your medicine. They may give you some rough estimate. However, the prices quoted by pharmaceutical companies, as given the government of India are not the same in India. list price of a single pill this medicine is Rs. 1,200, not 900. Answer 3) I have visited the nearest pharmaceutical store and bought Diflucan tablet for Rs. 2,500 and it had costed me Rs. 4,000. In the other case, I bought it from the nearest supermarket which has a 10 paise cost as per the of a 30 tablets. But, what is the difference between two? I find it hard to get a clear idea. There is no clarity provided by a pharmacy (or doctors) how much the cost of Diflucan will be. This is only a doctor's diagnosis. In country like ours where doctors are paid at the rate of Rs. 12,000 Symbyax generic brand per month, it's difficult to get a clear picture whether the prescribed medicine, and hence cost of the medicine, will be less or more expensive in the next month. end answer is the same. pharmacist will prescribe exact amount of Diflucan per tablet. In cases of a shortage medicines, people have no options. So, if you are suffering from diabetes, I hope that you can get the medicine government prescribed. Thank you for your efforts. It's good. I am not aware of any information on this subject, but it's not a big issue. (This was in December 2007) "I am a diabetic, and do not"

Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.

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